EZVIZ Vault Plus is a wireless network video recorder that can support up to 8 cameras.


Use it to protect your business with 24/7 recording and storage of video streams or to store family videos at home. It has a hard disk of 2TB and you can extend it to 6TB, so you never run out of space.


With the dual-band Wi-Fi, a wireless range of up to 100 metres and 4 built-in network interfaces,
you enjoy a stable connection to all your EZVIZ cameras wired or wirelessly.
You choose whatever suits you best.


The Vault Plus can record video streams of up to 8 wired or wireless cameras.
Open the EZVIZ app and play back video via the terminal device.
You can also use your Vault Plus as your personal storage device.

  • Built-in hard disk of 2TB : All the storage you need. And upgradable to 6TB
  • 4 built-in LAN interfaces: Connect your wired cameras or your PC.
  • Stable and fast: Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Wireless range up to 100m: Enjoy wide coverage
  • Remote play back: via your mobile or PC
  • One-Touch Access: The monitoring system is set up in minutes!
  • Easy-to-use app: Crisp lay-out, user-friendly features
  • Dimensions: 295(W)mm*285(D)mm*96(H)mm
  • Android v4.0 or later version
  • IOS v6 or later versions

icona app ezviz
With the easy-to-use EZVIZ iOS or Android app, you can view up to four live video streams at the same time with different smartphones, tablets or laptops. If you want to connect other EZVIZ security devices, such as cameras, sensors, or recorders, you just add them and start using them, all from one and the same app.

Its clean layout makes it easy to find all your cameras, change settings and see what’s happening with just a few taps.