With the EZVIZ ez360 Pano fisheye camera you always enjoy peace of mind.


It is the first-generation EZVIZ indoor panorama smart Wi-Fi camera with 3 megapixels and built-in 2-way audio.
Ez360 Pano also supports 360-degree images.


Mount in on a wall or ceiling and keep an eye on your home, your loved ones, your store or your office.
At any angle, day and night.

  • With its 3-megapixel sensor, you enjoy high-definition video. Even the smallest detail is crystal clear.
  • The ez360 Pano is equipped with a 360° panoramic function so you can see any angle of the room by using your mobile device as a remote controller
  • With high-efficiency IR fill light, the camera will be able to see up to 7.5m in the dark
  • The ez360 Pano transmits via the Wi-Fi 2.4 or 5 GHz band/frequency
  • Fisheye panorama, expanded view, split screen and quad-split screen
  • Smart configuration: Wi-Fi configuration with one button
  • Motion detector feature
  • Android v4.0 or later version
  • IOS v6 or later versions

The ez360 Pano has an integrated micro SD card slot that supports up to 128GB of storage (card not included).
Ideal to keep a fun video, or to send images to the authorities in case of a burglary.
You can also store the pictures and videos on the EZVIZ NVR X3 video recorder.


icona app ezviz
With the easy-to-use EZVIZ iOS or Android app, you can view up to four live video streams at the same time with different smartphones, tablets or laptops.
If you want to connect other EZVIZ security devices, such as cameras, sensors, or recorders, you just add them and start using them, all from one and the same app.


Its clean layout makes it easy to find all your cameras, change settings and see what’s happening with just a few taps.